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Business is global and so is the search for talent -
with extensive networks and candidate intelligence, People Connected enables engagement with the very best candidates through bespoke
attraction strategies and an award winning search methodology.


leadership recruitment

In the Executive Search Industry, success is often
measured by a firms 'Fill Rate' or how often the client
hires a candidate. Many firms today have fill rates
of around 65% with some lower than 50%.

Across our Practice areas People Connected has an
average fill rate of over 93% on searches undertaken.

Executing strategies
to deliver competitive

People Connected specialises in the delivery of executive search, talent pipelining, leadership consulting and research services. We execute confidential mandates at senior and specialist levels with our clients on their most challenging people issues. We know that to understand the individuality, cultural sensitivities and unique requirements of our clients requires us to embed ourselves deeply and offer relevant industry knowledge and functional expertise. With a demonstrable track record of delivery into the main business centres of Europe, the United States, Middle East and Asia we operate across five main practice areas: Financial Services, Technology, Professional Services & Consulting, Retail/FMCG and Healthcare / Medical.


Fig 1. Search vs Recruitment

strategic recruitment

Agile search through
collaboration, alignment
and control

Every successful search assignment requires a rigorous assessment of the position against the objectives of the business and the requirements of the hiring community. Our consultants work closely to ensure there is total alignment between all key stakeholders and the project plan clearly defines the responsibilities, time and resource needed to ensure the right individual is hired.

industry practices

Fig 3. Alignment and Control

Fig 2. Assignment Life Cycle

Assignment Life Cycle

Agree the Hiring Community

  • Agree the hiring community / stakeholders to hire for the role - The hiring community is responsible for defining the role's requirements
  • Avoid changing the hiring community mid-way through the process
  • Gain buy-in from the hiring team to the process and project plan

Define the Role

  • Rigorous analysis to identify the requirements of the role
  • Understand how the role supports the corporate objectives
  • Clarify the deliverables and performance measures for the role
  • Pressure test the role requirements with the hiring community to achieve complete alignment

Agree and Follow the Process

  • Commit to the project plan and agree the contribution to the hiring process for each member
  • Using the hiring process as an intelligence gathering opportunity
  • Capture the learning from the process to drive continuous improvement
  • Quality of execution of the hiring process will impact brand reputation - respect your candidates

Mitigating risk
through advanced

PeopleVault TM is designed to reduce one of the most hidden costs in any large business, the 'Time to Recruit'

corporate intelligence
putting the pieces together on corporate recruitment

Most large organisations take at least 12 weeks from the day a resignation is received to when an offer is made, let alone when a replacement starts. With internal advertising, external advertising, agency instruction and notice periods it is not unusual for six months to pass during this process.

When key personnel are involved, this delay can have a material impact on corporate performance; clients deliverables missed, prospects left unsold and customers badly managed. The net effect of all this can be management overload, not only recruiting a replacement but handling the fallout of the vacancy too. Whether replacing leavers or expanding teams, if the time to recruit could be reduced by over 50% or even eliminated altogether the benefits would be substantial.

People Connected has developed the PeopleVault TM , a proven solution which ensures that the majority of work associated with finding and attracting candidates is undertaken and completed prior to a vacancy or requirement arising.

This process has been developed in close association with leading industry HR professionals and successfully implemented in large and medium sized businesses.


Supporting HR and in-house recruitment

Significant international networks, across multiple sectors, coupled with extensive language and cultural capabilities enables People Connected to support candidate identification and direct recruitment activities

corporate intelligence
putting the pieces together on corporate recruitment

Clients often draw on the extensive research capabilities of People Connected to support them with key recruitment activities, typically where there are multiple vacancies, a need to inject additional impetus into an existing project or there is an established in-house recruitment team in place.

In essence People Connected provides the usual front end search services, scopes the requirement, prepares the collateral, conducts the research and does the initial engagement and screening of candidates with the client picking up final screening, interviewing and management through to completion - This can be a one off project or can be tailored to provide services to support on-going demands.


Fig 4. Measures of Leadership

leadership consulting



Change is

We advise clients on strategic
direction and risk, on how to
position the right people in the
right roles and how to put in
place the leadership capabilities
necessary to deliver superior
organisational performance.

By partnering closely we help
clients to identify the next
generation of leaders and develop
these high potentials into more
global, strategic, and results-driven
people, while fostering an agile
learning culture across the business.


If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door

Little changes can make a big difference

corporate intelligence
Objective, Bespoke Career Advice designed to give you Competitive Advantage

Career success is dependable on many factors. Every step of the hiring process is critical and this work ideally starts before you are looking for a new role. Social media, your network and how you use it are of paramount importance in getting noticed by employers and head-hunters. From there your CV, ability to communicate effectively, demonstrate the right skills from years of varied experience and making relevant the right skills to a particular opportunity are key. Your ability to prepare for an interview and understand the person, motivations and requirements are fundamentals necessary to progress. The ability to understand cultural requirements and engage with people who can help you will increase the chances of success.

Your skills, experience and motivations require careful presentation to ensure relevance. At every stage of the process having someone who can sense check your progress and advise on best practice will put you in the top 5% of candidates and improve not only your career but also your earning potential. Understanding how to negotiate your package and exit your existing company are both areas which can have a material financial impact. People Connected offers career consulting at every stage of the process and can guide you to stand out from the crowd.

This starts with a Career Health Check, where are you at currently. How are you progressing. How do you compare to your peers in the industry and across other sectors. What changes can be made. Who can we introduce you to and how can we enhance your profile and the quality of your network. A full Report will outline areas for consideration, ideas and specific areas where People Connected could support you on an ad-hoc basis or as an ongoing service.

Career Health Check starts at £499 and gives you 90 minutes consultation plus a Comprehensive Career Report - with our Career Mentors having over 15 years of experience with all aspects of the Career Lifecycle, many people have used our services to elevate their careers to levels not previously achieved.

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.



Financial services

The Financial Services Practice works in both mature and emerging markets operating across the main financial centres of Europe, The Americas and Asia. Our clients span investment banking, wealth management, asset management, consumer financial services, insurance and wholesale banking.


clients include

Lloyds Banking Group, NFU Mutual, Prudential


Alexander Forbes Testimonial

Vertis CEO Testimonial

Professional services and consulting

The PSC Practice works with some of the world's leading Professional Services players, ranging from global strategy consulting and management consulting firms to accounting, tax advisory and law firms.


clients include

PwC, Capita Consulting, Hitachi Consulting


Technology Recruitment


Our Technology Practice works with some of the world's leading technology businesses and has an in-depth understanding of the organisational and market dynamics within cross sector technology functions with specific emphasis on outsourcing, software services and consulting.


clients include

Cognizant, Oracle, Capgemini



Retail / FMCG

The Retail Practice covers all international retailing activity with our clients including traditional store multiples, multi-channel operations and on-line retailers. We are experienced at recruiting both executive board members and senior management across the full range of functional disciplines.


clients include

Camelot, Nikon, BP


Camelot Testimonial

Healthcare / Medical Recruitment Healthcare / Medical Recruitment

Healthcare / Medical

Our Healthcare & Medical Practice works with clients on niche, highly skilled, complex and senior appointments which are critical to their success. Working across both traditional and cutting edge medical disciplines, our experience enables us to quickly target talented individuals.


clients include

Priory Healthcare, Verathon. Sunquest



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